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Our approach to healthier cleaning

The field of residential and commercial cleaning services is getting a makeover!
Traditionally, businesses in this field had very little choice when selecting cleaning
products that were both safe and effective. Even those products that claimed to be
"au naturel" weren't walking the walk. However, recent advances in technology have
given us the opportunity to offer truly "green" products and tools. We here at That
ExtraTouch, are committed to a healthier, cleaner personal environment for each and
every one of our clients and employees. We are currently replacing our current product
choices with a hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant which is green seal certified
(one of the only disinfectants on the market that holds this distinction), as well as our
multi-purpose cleaner and our cleaning cloths.

For several years, our company has utilized microfiber cloths in
order to cut down on paper towel waste and to improve our
efficiency. We are now upping the ante by replacing our store-
bought cloths with Perfectclean microfiber; a top-of-the-line cloth
used in hospitals, dental offices, and schools. According to their
website, Perfectclean is the only product designed to support the
CDC guidelines for blood borne pathogens. For further information
on Perfectclean, take a look at their website: www.perfectclean.com.

We are now able to offer a blend of green and less harsh cleaning
solutions to solve any cleaning problem. We clean with the purpose of not
only providing you a healthy environment in your home, but also with our
world in mind.



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