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Who we are...

Cleaning for Heroes is the only non-profit organization in America dedicated to providing
free cleaning services to our community heroes in need.

Who we serve...

Disabled members of the U.S. Military and disabled members of local police and fire
departments are eligible for services. Elderly veterans without a disability are eligible for
services if they live alone or with an aging spouse.

What we do...

Cleaning for Heroes recruits maid services nationwide to join our network of participating
cleaning services. When we receive a request for cleaning services we verify eligibility and
then refer the client to a maid service member in their local area. All of our member cleaning
services are insured and bonded.

Why we do it...

We are grateful for the service that our community heroes provide to all of us and for the
sacrifices they have made for our country and our communities. Cleaning for Heroes was
founded to provide help in time of need for these individuals. We are proud to be able to
give back to the community and we are humbled to be able to help in this way.

How you can help...

Cleaning for Heroes is dedicated to providing house cleaning services to our disabled
and elderly community heroes but we can't do it alone.

Cleaning for Heroes is a non-profit organization and has applied for 501(C)(3) tax exempt
status from the IRS.


Cleaning For Heroes
The only non-profit cleaning homes for disabled veterans in need!


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